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Two Days Left to Bid on Actual Tron Lightcycle

You’ve got two days left, folks, to bid on one of five custom-built lightcycles from Parker Brothers Motorcycles on eBay. In case you’re not familiar with a lightcycle, it’s one of the motorcycles used in the movie Tron. We’re not talking about props here, either…we’re talking about actual, working, to-spec, street legal motorcycles that look exactly like the ones in the upcoming movie Tron.

tron lightcycle

There are five of them in the works, each in a different color: one the pictured blue above, but also available in red, yellow, green and orange. The wheels are custom made, dual hubless, with custom tires, and should you be planning a long trip on this sucker you can buy additional tires from Parker Brothers as needed. The frame is a mix of cold-rolled steel, carbon fiber and fiberglass, while the colors are generated via neon tubes behind frosted plexiglass and can be turned off and on as desired.

They’re currently selling for a whopping $35000 each, but with that comes a free Tron helmet, as well as the opportunity to watch your new bike being built on YouTube. Value? Not hardly. Cool? Absolutely.

Two Days Left to Bid on Actual Tron Lightcycle Reviewed by Dening Nyess on Rating: 4.5

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