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Modification Travertson V-REX2 - Motorstyle modifications

Modification Travertson V-REX2

Travertson ever make a special bike with front suspension swing arm is now re-create surprises. The same motorcycle modific that assessed similar to the predators in a science fiction movie.

The motorcycle is called V-REX2 Travertson 2011 and designed by Christian Travert from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States, using the engine Harley-Davidson V-Rod.

V-REX2 is a development of version 2010. Some parts are repaired is subrangka are now using steel, breket license plate, rear lights, and brakes are in this version using LEDs.

Based on the 2010 version, the upgraded model comes with more options Travertson Than any other model, Including a new steel subframe as well as license-plate bracket That includes an LED tail / brake light.Other the highlights of the V-REX 2 include digital speedometer, LED turn signals, custom paint as well as ultra boutique options include a custom Engraved That fuel cap, acrylic wheel centers, chrome vertical tank strap decorated in crystal swarovsky letters of your choice

However, the most attractive features are the iPod dock, chrome wheels (with transparent acrylic spokes) and swingarm, Xenon lights and an Ostrich leather seats.

Other features seen on the digital speedometer, LED lighting sein, special paint ultraboutique, in-grafir tank cap, the radius of the wheel from acrylic, and the chromed strap tank. There are also mats for iPod, the wheel is connected to a chromed swing arm, lights Xenon, and Ostrich leather upholstery.

Options for the V-REX 2, the which includes Some of the Available That You Might Expect, digital speedometer Demolition, turnsignals custom paint and LEDs.

Designed by Christian Travert, the bike from the first appearance seems a prop from the sci-fi movie coming to life. Designed and built in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, V-REX features a Harley-Davidson V-Rod motor and use H-D electrics. However, V-REX was recently updated to include two models called V-REX 2. It includes a new steel subframe as well as license-plate bracket that includes an LED tail/brake light.

Then there are ultra-boutique Demolition choice Fuel cap and custom Engraved Acrylic Wheel Center. but maybe the self-Indulgence look chrome fence is to have a "strap tank" vertical crystal display adorned Fonts swarovsky your choice, Demolition Initials of the owner of a bicycle shown in Heredia.

Expensive for motorcycle lovers, for They are the motor Travertsons Best Things to have, regular Their earnest not find another bike Interesting LOT of attention as the V-REX.

The author says, the V-REX nice views from every angle. But to get it is not easy. V-REX 2010 valued U.S. $ 49,990 (USD 450 million) and V-REX2 valued 53,990 U.S. dollars (USD 485 million).

V-REX first shown in 3D rendering by mechanical futurist Tim Cameron, named "Dream Bike". Then, the design was captured by Christian Travert, a crew at MTT which makes jet-Copter. Direct Travert obsessed and decided for the concept is transformed into a motorcycle that can be driven.

Modification Travertson V-REX2

Modification Travertson V-REX2

Modification Travertson V-REX2
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