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2012 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R Special Edition

2012 Kawasaki  Ninja ZX14R Picture
Kawasaki motorcycles of the most powerful to date, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 sets new performance standards for acceleration, the most incredible really breathtaking, you have lived. But what makes the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 even more remarkable is the absolute finesse with the command of this force. Smooth and linear from idle to redline, you do not need to be a world champion to control this machine.

2012 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R Special Edition Features and Benefits

  • Massively more powerful 1441 cc inline-four engine features 4mm longer stroke, the cylinder head re-assembly, ports polished and lightweight, the powerful piston for more power at different towers
  • KTRC traction control system has three different modes for different conditions and is controlled by a switch at your fingertips on the left handlebar assembly
  • Any new shoes clutch assembly to the rear wheel torque effect during braking and downgrade
  • The exhaust system features all-new tapered head pipes and remodeled, and new exhaust assembly for low noise and emissions
  • Review the narrow monocoque aluminum frame, strong and stiff
  • The new swingarm is longer and assembly characteristics of strengthening gussets to cope with the engine power of new
  • Transmission gears are more durable thanks to a new temperature and surface treatment
  • All packages based on the new body image elegant aesthetics of the previous machine, including hoods and rear seats add better management of the air mixture for improved rider and passenger comfort
  • All new 10-spoke wheel is more than three pounds less to the total motor unit earlier, reducing unsprung weight, which helps the handling and maneuvering
  • The disc of new material and radial-mount pads improve the braking system 14R
  • The revised suspension settings front and rear wheels add control and compliance for a trip that had luxury
  • Better quality than previously completed in its entirety, including the body hidden fasteners

The new 1,441cc four-cylinder liquid-cooled DOHC engine

  •  After-stroke design, revision of the cylinder head (and port), lighter pistons, camshafts, higher compression and more radical provides torque and power at all speeds
  • Piston sprayers of a continuous flow of cooling lubrication system on the underside of each piston to run cooler, power generation is more constant and durability
  • Robust and cam chain tension provides a higher level of sustainability plan stratospheric
  • The crankshaft main journal is thicker than 2mm (now 40 mm) for added durability
  • Care more durable surface temperature and dental allows the transmission of electricity in order to better use the incredible new machine
  • Chrome-plated aluminum composite cylinder bore is lightweight, durable, and to quickly heat the home and the piston for supreme durability at high power
  • The new engine is designed compact and narrow, which allows the entire machine is smaller, lighter and more agile
  • Low mechanical noise via special piston profile and urethane insulation sheet to the inside cover of the chain of magnesium

In high-speed versions of the exhaust system

  • Mounting head has new tapered-diameter pipe to produce optimal power and characteristics of power delivery
  • Provide a muffler newly designed and noise emissions are lower, because the dual catalysts, is cleaner than ever
  • The air flow in the exhaust of large secondary air ports in the cylinder head and cover their heads, plus a third honeycomb catalyst in the collector, helping to meet the Euro III standards for more stringent emission
  • The internal design minimizes the impact of noise emissions regulations while maintaining impressive high-end power

Double engine balancer gears

  • Revisions to maintain the balance of the engine weight was measured again (more shots) in a perfect balance, so the comfort for the driver and passenger
  • Already in perfect primary balance, 14R engine design that features a double-balanced side virtually eliminate unwanted vibrations for extremely smooth operation and reduce driver fatigue

Ram Air Induction

  • Central ram air duct in the form of exciting new fairing cold high pressure air from the front fascia and effectively guide through greater air cleaner and more efficient and the engine for maximum power re-

Digital fuel injection

  • Assembly of New 44mm throttle body with throttle body valve equipped with ISC and sub-throttle valve is controlled by the ECU. They provide an appropriate response, DFI ® performance smoother, auto idle, and helps the bike meet Euro III emissions now and in the future
  • Review of the inlet channel to optimize the flow characteristics
  • Injectors deliver lateral spray at an angle of 20 degrees to disperse finely atomized fuel over a wide area
  • Fine-atomizing injectors produce 75 micron droplet size
  • 32-bit ECU works with the double butterfly to further enhance throttle response and control

2-mode digital ignition

  • High & Low Rider is selected menu offers a choice between full power and about 50 percent of the output power to attend, according to changing conditions
  • Increase the low house digital time
  • Midrange power
  • Individual ignition coils ignition plug mounted fire each of the four candles independently to achieve the optimal time for the cylinder
  • ECU includes an idle speed control system for easy starting and warm-up

Traction Control KTRC

  • KTRC traction control system has three different modes for different conditions
  • Mode is controlled by a switch at your fingertips on the left handlebar assembly
  • Mode is indicated on the LCD screen in the cockpit

New back torque limiting "slipper" clutch

  • Any new back-torque limiter "shoes" clutch controls the rear wheel torque effects while downshifting or slide to minimize the oscillation of the wheels, the chatter and reducing stress for motorists
  • Radial-pump master cylinder hydraulic clutch offers smooth engagement and optimal precision and feel at the lever

The aluminum monocoque chassis next generation

  • Lightweight monocoque frame is an aluminum hollow arches on the engine of the steering column to the swingarm pivot. It is narrow, strong, rigid and very light
  • Many of the cast aluminum frame new - steering head and swingarm pivot areas - are produced by molding process for weight savings
  • The motor is rigidly mounted frame element stress, which increases torsional rigidity and a framework to gain weight compared to a traditional
  • Engine positioned forward in the frame, with a slightly longer wheelbase and weight balance front / rear carefully designed to achieve high-speed stability and maneuverability
  • The length of the swing arm adds stability at high speed and bellows to better cope with the new engine power
  • Head pipe casting a massive contribution to the rigidity of the frame
  • Frame houses the air box and air filter in a compact design that simplifies maintenance of clean air
  • Batteries can also be placed in a frame and is easily accessible thanks to a recovery in aluminum frames


  • Review of internal parameters of the 43mm inverted fork and multi-adjustable cartridge-type wheel allows more control and compliance improved working capital
  • Continuous damping control to improve the performance of suspension
  • The control and excellent feedback from the suspension of the downlink is fully adjustable Uni-Trak ® rear
  • Relationship Level allows linear suspension action and control of larger wheels
  • Bottom-Link design creates a low center of gravity, making the bike more agile

Reconstituted type petal disc with radial caliper mount

• re-design of brake petal-shaped disc type offer better resistance to cooling and improved channel
• radial mount four-piston front calipers, brake pads and brake use increased offer greater rigidity than traditional caliper to enhance feel
• A separate brake pad is used for each piston. Individual pads provide increased cooling efficiency and can absorb more heat without deforming so they maintain consistent brake feel more
• Radial-pump brake master cylinder front brake lever feel and improve performance

Aggressive new body

  • Monocoque frame is positioned above the engine to the sleek new fairing is uninterrupted by protruding beams of the frame, adding a long, low style
  • New fairing offers better ventilation of the engine controls for more comfort for the driver and passenger
  • Standard rear seat hoods add aesthetic appeal
  • Both front and rear turn signals integrated into the body and have clear lenses to improve the appearance
  • Quadruple projector beam lights in the new ZX ™ -14 fairing gives a different aspect is new. Outdoor lights contain position lamps and high beams, while the light beam in the center
  • Lightweight Denso radiator with dual fans and high-density cores provides maximum cooling efficiency

Full instrumentation

  • New double black face analog tachometer and speedometer are easy to read
  • Multi-function LCD digital display includes an odometer, two trip odometers, fuel gauge, gear indicator, clock, and other variables, including traction control information through the LCD 7-segment
  • Light programmable shift indicator in the system preset to upshift signal driver
  • Programmable lamp burning in the clutch system pre-set to signal the driver of the clutch
  • Controller Area Network (CAN) interface between the gauges uses fewer son while allowing a greater volume of information, such as estimated fuel mileage, to be exchanged 

2012 Kawasaki Ninja ZX14R Back Lamp Picture

2012 Kawasaki Ninja ZX14R Head Lamp Picture

2012 Kawasaki Ninja ZX14R Panel Picture

2012 Kawasaki Ninja ZX14R Picture

2012 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R Special Edition - USA Specifications
US MSRP Price: $14,899.00 USD

Engine Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, four valve per cylinder, inline-four

Displacement 1,441 cc

Bore x Stroke 84.0 x 65.0 mm

Compression Ratio 12.3:1

Fuel System DFI® with four 44mm Mikuni throttle bodies

Ignition TCBI with Digital Advance

Transmission Six-Speed

Final Drive X-Ring Chain

Rake/Trail 23 degrees / 3.7 in.

Front Tire Size 120/70 ZR17

Rear Tire Size 190/50 ZR17

Wheelbase 58.3 in.

Front Suspension / wheel travel 43mm inverted cartridge fork with adjustable preload, 18-way compression and 15-way rebound damping adjustment / 4.6 in.

Rear Suspension / wheel travel Bottom-link Uni-Trak® and gas-charged shock with adjustable preload, stepless rebound and compression damping adjustments, adjustable ride height / 4.9 in.

Front Brakes Dual semi-floating 310 mm petal discs with dual radial-mounted four-piston calipers

Rear Brakes Single 250mm petal disc with twin-piston caliper

Overall length 85.4 in.

Overall width 30.3 in.

Overall height 46.1 in.

Ground clearance 4.9 in.

Seat Height 31.5 in.

Curb Weight 584.3 lbs.

Fuel Capacity 5.8 gal

Color Golden Blazed Green with special graphics (SE)

Warranty 12 months

Good Times™ Protection Plan 12, 24, 36 or 48 months

2012 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R Special Edition - Canadian Specifications
Canada MSRP Price: See Canadian Kawasaki Dealer for pricing.

Type 4-stroke, In-Line Four
Displacement 1,441cc
Bore and Stroke 84.0 x 65.0 mm
Cooling Liquid
Compression Ratio 12.3:1
Valve System DOHC, 16 valves (4 valves per cylinder)
Fuel System DFI with 44 mm Mikuni Throttle Bodies (4)
Ignition Digital
Lubrication Forced lubrication (wet sump with cooler)


Transmission 6-speed, return, positive neutral finder
Final Drive Sealed chain
Primary Reduction Ratio 1.556 (84/54)
Gear Ratio: 1st 2.611(47/18)
Gear Ratio: 2nd 1.947 (37/19)
Gear Ratio: 3rd 1.545 (34/22)
Gear Ratio: 4th 1.333 (32/24)
Gear Ratio: 5th 1.154 (30/26)
Gear Ratio: 6th 1.036 (29/28)
Final Reduction Ratio 2.471 (42/17)
Clutch Wet multi-disc, manual


Type Monocoque, aluminium
Wheel Travel: Front 117 mm (4.6 in.)
Tire: Front 120/70ZR17M/C (58W)
Wheel Travel: Rear 124 mm (4.9 in.)
Tire: Rear 190/50ZR17M/C (73W)
Caster (Rake) 23º
Trail 93 mm (3.7 in.)
Steering Angle (Left/Right) 31º / 31º


Suspension, Front 43 mm inverted cartridge fork. with adjustable preload, stepless rebound and compression damping adjustments
Suspension, Rear Bottom-Link Uni-Trak and gas-charged shock with adjustable preload, stepless rebound and compression damping adjustments


Front: Type Dual semi-floating 310 mm petal discs
Front: Calipers Dual radial-mount, opposed 4-piston, 4-pad
Rear: Type Single 250 mm petal disc
Rear: Calipers Opposed, twin-piston


Overall Length 2,170 mm (85.4 in.)
Overall Width 770 mm (30.3 in.)
Overall Height 1,170 mm (46.1 in.)
Wheelbase 1,480 mm (58.3 in.)
Ground Clearance 125 mm (4.9 in.)
Seat Height 800 mm (31.5 in.)
Curb Mass** 265 kg (584.2 lbs.)
Fuel Capacity 22 litres (4.8 gal.)
Fuel Consumption N/A


Maximum Power‡ N/A
Maximum Power with Ram Air‡ N/A
Maximum Torque‡ N/A


Colour New Candy Green
Warranty 12 months warranty

Good Times Protection Plan 24 or 36 months (Kawasaki GTPP coverage begins after the standard limited warranty expires)
* The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price does not include freight, pre-delivery inspection or applicable taxes. The final price is at the discretion of the dealer. Prices and Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
The specifications mentioned here apply to and have been achieved by production models under standard operating conditions. We intend only to give a fair description of the vehicle and its performance capabilities but these specifications may not apply to every machine supplied for sale. Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. reserves the right to alter specifications without prior notice. Equipment illustrated and specifications may vary to meet individual markets. Available colours may vary by market.

2012 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R Special Edition - UK / European Specifications
UK/EU MSRP Price: See UK/European Kawasaki Dealer for pricing.


Fuel system
Fuel injection: ø44 mm x 4 (Mikuni)



Forced lubrication, wet sump with oil cooler

Engine type
Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke In-Line Four

1,441 cm3

Bore x stroke
84.0 x 65.0 mm

Compression ratio

Valve/Induction system
DOHC, 16 valves

Wet multi-disc, manual

Primary reduction ratio
1.556 (84/54)

Gear ratios: 1st

Gear ratios: 2nd
1.947 (37/19)

Gear ratios: 3rd
1.545 (34/22)

Gear ratios: 4th
1.333 (32/24)

Gear ratios: 5th
1.154 (30/26)

Gear ratios: 6th
1.036 (29/28)

Final reduction ratio
2.471 (42/17)

6-speed, return

Final Drive
Sealed chain

Frame type
Monocoque, aluminium

23o / 93 mm

Wheel travel, front
117 mm

Wheel travel, rear
124 mm

Tyre, front
120/70ZR17M/C (58W)

Tyre, rear
190/50ZR17M/C (73W)

Steering angle, left / right
31o / 31o

Suspension, front
Type: 43 mm inverted fork with top-out springs
Compression damping: 18-way
Rebound damping: 15-way
Spring preload: Fully adjustable

Suspension, rear
Type: Bottom-Link Uni-Trak with
gas-charged shock
Compression damping: Stepless
Rebound damping: Stepless
Spring preload: Fully adjustable

Brakes, front
Type: Dual semi-floating 310 mm petal discs
Caliper: Dual radial-mount, opposed 4-piston, 4-pad

Brakes, rear
Type: Single 250 mm petal disc
Caliper: Opposed, twin-piston

Dimensions (L x W x H)
2,170 mm x 770 mm x 1,170 mm

Ground Clearance
125 mm

1,480 mm

Seat height
800 mm

Fuel capacity
22 litres

Curb Mass
265 kg (ZX1400E) / 268 kg (ZX1400F)

2012 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R Special Edition - Australian Specifications
Australia MSRP Price: See Australian Kawasaki Dealer for pricing.


Type Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke In-Line Four
Displacement 1,352 cm³
Bore and Stroke 84 x 61 mm
Compression ratio 12.0:1
Valve system DOHC, 16 valves
Fuel system Fuel injection: ø44 mm x 4 (Mikuni)
Ignition Digital
Starting Electric
Lubrication Forced lubrication, wet sump with oil cooler
Transmission 6-speed, return
Final drive Sealed Chain
Primary reduction ratio 1.541 (94/61)
Gear ratios:
1st 2.625 (42/16)
2nd 1.947 (37/19)
3rd 1.545 (34/22)
4th 1.333 (32/24)
5th 1.154 (30/26)
6th 1.036 (29/28)
Final reduction ratio 2.412 (41/17)
Clutch Wet multi-disc, manual
Frame Type Monocoque, aluminium
Wheel travel:
front 117 mm
rear 122 mm
front 120/70ZR17M/C (58W)
rear 190/50ZR17M/C (73W)
Caster (rake) 23°
Trail 94 mm
Steering angle (left/right) 30° / 30 °
Front: 43 mm inverted fork with top-out springs
Compression damping 13-way
Rebound damping 11-way
Spring preload Fully adjustable
Rear: Bottom-Link Uni-Trak with gas-charged shock and top-out spring
Compression damping Stepless
Rebound damping Stepless
Spring preload Fully adjustable
Front: Dual semi-floating 310 mm petal discs
Caliper Dual radial-mount, opposed 4-piston, 4-pad
Type Single 250 mm petal disc
Caliper Opposed, twin-piston
Overall length 2,170 mm
Overall width 760 mm
Overall height 1,170 mm
Wheelbase 1,460 mm
Ground clearance 125 mm
Seat height 800 mm
Curb mass 257 kg Includes full fuel tank
Fuel capacity 22 litres
Maximum power 140 kW {190 PS} / 9,500 rpm

Maximum power with Ram Air 147.1 kW {200 PS} / 9,500 rpm
Maximum torque 154 N·m {15.7 kgf·m} / 7,500 rpm
2012 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R Special Edition Reviewed by Dening Nyess on Rating: 4.5

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