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BMW Unveils E-Scooter Concept

The BMW E-Scooter was developed with funding form Germany’s Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development.The E-Scooter was created with two goals in mind: to offer performance comparable to a 600cc combustion engine-powered maxi-scooter and to offer sufficient range for an urban commuter.

BMW Unveils E-Scooter Concept

BMW Unveils E-Scooter Concept Picture Image

BMW Unveils E-Scooter Concept Image

BMW wanted the E-Scooter to provide enough power and speed for freeway passing and climbing steep slopes even with a pillion passenger. BMW also targeted a range of over 100 km (62.1 miles).

Because of the targeted performance levels, BMW
decided against a hub-motor design, instead mounting the electric motor in the main scooter body near where the swingarm meets the rear frame. The electric motor is liquid-cooled, with an electric cooling pump circulating coolant through the radiator.

The battery casing is actually the main body of the
frame, running along the body of the scooter. According to BMW, the battery can be charged in under three hours through a conventional outlet. Unlike the motor, the battery is air-cooled.

BMW Unveils E-Scooter wiring Concept

The single-sided swingarm attaches to the rear frame and is equipped with a horizontally-mounted shock absorber.

At this point, the scooter is still a concept, but the camouflage in the pictures suggest a production version may not be too far away.
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