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The BOTT XR-1 Motorbike

David Sánchez of Bottpower say they're working on a new project. A customer wanted them to build a chassis for a street bike that will have a flat track look to it using the wheels, suspension, brakes, engine and swingarm from a Buell XB. Their job, specifically, was to build the chassis, after which the owner will finish it to his own taste. Of course, being designers, they couldn't help but try a few ideas of their own to see how the finished tracker might look and that's what you see here.

Bottpower xr motorcycle modifications

Bottpower XR-1 Motorcycle transforming old Buells into Flat Trackers

Bottpower xr-1 motorbike

The Harley XR1200 is the most similar thing you can find on the market, but while the Harley weighs 250 kgs (551 pounds) and has 85 HP, the BOTT XR-1 will weigh 170 kgs (375 pounds), will have more than 100 HP, and it will have much more aggressive geometries, Now here's the fun part, if they find there's a lot of interest, they just might make a kit so you can put one of these together yourself.

For those of you who liked the performance of the old Buells but were never really fond of the looks or just prefer the flat tracker, this might be just the ticket. It looks like something Harley could have built instead of the XR1200, a real lightweight performer with just enough flat track look to fit in with the Harley heritage. It might be time to grab one of those used Buells before everyone wants one for the parts.
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