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eCRP 1.4 Electric Racebike Unveiled

eCRP-1.4 Electric Motorsport

Based earlier noted, CRP Racing announced it’ll unveil the eCRP 1.four zero-emission electrical racebike in the Bobino Club in Milan, Italy. And so it did, announcing the eco-friendly workhorse will compete within the FIM e-Power and TTXGP with Alessandro Brannetti (# 44). The eCRP 1.4 makes use of a lithium-polymer 7.4Kw/h battery module to power dual DC motors. It may achieve a leading speed of 220 km/h (137 mph) and accelerates from 0 to a hundred km/h (62 mph) in three.2 seconds with 120 Nm (89 lb.ft.) of torque at 100%.

The 2011 workhorse is distinguished by a datalogger that could document the values from sensors for front and rear suspensions and throttle placement. It’s also in a position to measure volts / amps into and out of the controller, and watch the temperature of the motors (up to date in 2011) and controller. All this data will be integrated with all the GPS that records speed, acceleration and trajectory in real-time, using the objective of growing the rider’s and team’s capability to get successful in practice and in the race.

CRP Racing has selected the stage of the Bobino Club in the heart of Milan to announce the imminent opening from the 2011 time and to publicly unveil the eCRP 1.four.
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