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2011 MotoGP : Yamaha YZF R1 1000cc

The YZF-R1 is more closely linked to our MotoGP winning M1 than ever. Its innovative 998cc inline four- cylinder engine features a crossplane crankshaft with an uneven firing interval ensuring superb throttle linearity, giving a feeling that the rider's throttle hand is directly connected to the rear tyre.

2011 yamaha R1

The new engine feels and sounds smoother than ever, emittting an unforgettable exhaust note. Pushing out 182 PS and 115.5 Nm of torque, this MotoGP-inspired engine is the most advanced powerplant ever seen on a Yamaha supersport bike.

And for the ultimate in feel and controllability, the new R1 runs with an all-new Deltabox chassis offering an idealised rigidity balance.
2011 MotoGP : Yamaha YZF R1 1000cc Reviewed by Dening Nyess on Rating: 4.5

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