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2011 Suzuki Shogun Axelo Pictures

Suzuki Shogun AxeloSuzuki Shogun Axelo 2011

Manufacturer Suzuki today which showed their latest motorcycle Suzuki Shogun Axelo. Want to know what price this bike? Suzuki prepares to demolish the two-wheeled motor Indonesian market with 3 types Axelo Suzuki.

"We have three versions. Pelek fingers not to mention all the casting wheel removed. All three use a disc brake on the front," said Marketing Director of PT Surya Setiawan Indomobil Suzuki Sales in Suzuki Shogun Axelo media gathering in Surabaya on Wednesday (5 / 1 / 2011).

This type of bottom, Suzuki Shogun Axelo although the front wheel disc brakes are wearing, but in the back still use drum brakes.

"For this type we sell USD 13.8 million," he added.

As for the type of medium has been using double the disk brake is released with a price of USD 14.7 million.

"Both types were used for automatic clutch. The last type disposable manual clutch that gives the sensation of sporty sold USD 15 million," he concluded.

By doing so means there is a difference of about USD 300-400 thousand for this latest Shogun Shogun compared with the old. With the price that much, Suzuki was confident of being able to sell 130 thousand Axelo Suzuki Shogun in 2011.

The target was a very ambitious target. Given the duck 125 cc motorcycle market until November, which reached 1.2 million, Shogun was only able to gain market share by 6.1 percent or 74 About a thousand.

"Hopefully with the presence of this Axelo to enhance the role of Suzuki in the arena of national motor greater," he concluded.

(Syu / DDN)
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