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1960 Harley-Davidson Super-10 - Old Classic Harley Motorcycle | Motorstyle modifications

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Old Classic Harley Motorcycle1960 Harley Super 10

The Harley-Davidson Model 125 was manufactured 1948-1952. It had a strong two-stroke 125cc engine. The U.S. was ready for a dependable and economic mode of transportation after the war, therefore the Harley Model 125 was introduced to fill that need. The Model 125 was a 3 horsepower engine. From 1948-1950 they had a girder type “rubber band” front end. The suspension consisted of five large rubber bands. In 1951, the front end was replaced by a more modern conventional hydraulic front end known as the “Tele-Glide”.
In 1953, the Harley Model 165 was introduced with a 165cc engine. This engine produced 5.5 horsepower. The sheet metal was restyled in order to give it a much cleaner appearance. The Model 165 was manufactured from 1953-1959.
In 1955, the Model 125 was introduced again as the Harley Hummer. This was the economy model 125 that appeared to be a stripped version of the model 165. The engine was also redesigned and therefore named the “B Model” engine. It produced 3 ½ horsepower and weighed approximately 178 lbs.
In 1960, the Harley Super-10 was introduced. It consisted of a 165cc engine that was really the B Model engine with 165cc. This model was referred to as the “S Model” engine.
Even though most of the Harley lightweight motorcycles are referred to as the “Harley Hummer”, only the 1955-1959 125cc bikes were actually Harley Hummers.

Old Classic Harley MotorcycleVintage Motorcycles - 1960 Harley Super 10
Old Classic Harley MotorcycleClassic Motorcycle - 1960 Harley Super 10
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