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PT. Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI) finally reported that it will launch the New Jupiter MX 135 in late November 2010. Interestingly, in the invitation to the launch explained that before it actually launched into the Indonesian automotive market, will be testing the toughness of Yamaha Jupiter MX 135 New engine in the Great Sentul Circuit, Bogor, West Java.

"There are about 7 motors that will be tested in large Sentul," said Indra Dwi Sunda as a PR & Corporate Communication Head PT YMKI. There is a difference in YMKI testing conducted on products before actually released to the market. At the launch Byson some time ago, invited the journalists to try out YMKI Byson toughness at the Sentul circuit small. But for the variants of New Jupiter MX, Yamaha will menjajalnya in Sentul Great.

Here is clearly seen that Yamaha wanted to show that New Jupiter MX was not merely changed its robe, but in the engine sector have also experienced improvement. No wonder if Yamaha has revealed that New Jupiter MX engine is ready to be matched with engine capacity of 150 cc sport bikes. In terms of design, New Jupiter MX it look more sporty with a fairing that looks a little more gambot than previous generations. While the addition of rear brake discs on, more and reinforce the strong character of Jupiter MX.

Although it is said only as a facelift, but a change that carried Yamaha sports ducks are very far from the previous generation. Not only on the display sector body, but the output power generated engine underwent a change. From the statement issued by Yamaha specifications, engine capacity of 134.4 cc, liquid-cooled, SOHC 4-stroke, 4 valve, single cylinder which her arms, capable of producing maximum power up to 9.21 kW or 12.52 PS at 8500 rpm. This figure is an increase of nearly 1 kW from the previous generation that only 8.45 kW at 8500 rpm.

While torque is able to reach the number 12.14 Nm at 6,000 rpm, an increase of almost 1 Nm of the previous generation that only 11.65 Nm at 5500 rpm. In addition, the transmission that carried New Jupiter MX was also changed with the addition of an acceleration rate of the previous generation, into a 5 speed.

Enough? Not yet. In addition to changes in the amount of acceleration for the transmission, the gear displacement system underwent a change by adopting a gearshift system like V-Ixion, 1-N-2-3-4-5. So price for New Jupiter MX? Unfortunately Yamaha not provide information how the sale price. But Yamaha says that there is little increase in price for this New Jupiter MX
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