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Listeners' Holiday Cheer!

Colin Braun wasn't kidding! He IS the Clark W. Griswold of NASCAR!

The Fucile Family in Dania, FL proves you don't need snow to celebrate Christmas!

Listener Dave's electric bill is climbing as we speak! And check out his lazy neighbor on the right!

Here's a nice submission from Brett in Myrtle Beach!

Longtime listener "Pepsi Steve" and his lovely wife have their house turned out in style!!

Listener Ben takes his holiday cheer on the road!

Thomas and Julie Clark don't mess around when it comes to a Christmas tree. Don't fall, Julie!

Melissa in Michigan shares her NASCAR-themed Christmas tree!

The S.D. Ireland Concrete truck the Godfather talked about on Friday's show...

Shawn from Indiana does his house up right!

Brian in Greeley, Colorado sends along his holiday effort.

Send photos of your home, car or other holiday cheer to us at and we'll post them here for everyone to see! Please no mass-distributed pics from the internet or YouTube. Make it your own!
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