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Bajaj Avenger 200 DTSi Launch - Motorstyle modifications

Bajaj Avenger 200 DTSi Launch
 The car of Bajaj presented the motor cycle of cruiser of new ground, the avenger of Bajaj 200 DC SDR-I on the market. Evaluated at Rs 64.830, this bicycle uses the technology of SDR-I which comes with pulsar. The avenger of Bajaj SDR-engine of 200 DC provides 17.5 picoseconds to 8000 t/mn in couple of 16.78 nanometer with 6000 t/mn. The current model of avenger with the engine of 180 DC employs also the technology of SDR-I patented by Bajaj Auto.
However, the engine of new avenger 200 DC SDR-I of Bajaj can precipitate to the top a speed of 115 kilometers per hour. This new motor cycle of car of Bajaj has an engine cooled by the oil which helps to preserve the viscosity of oil to the high RPMs engine. In this way, new the 200cc avenger SDR-I beats easily the execution of the original bicycle 180cc. With its Yamaha motor cycle of competitor being manufactured more, the very clear road for avenger 200 DC SDR-I of Bajaj.
Bajaj Avenger 200 DTSi Launch
The launching of avenger 200 DC DTS-I of Bajaj was accompanied by an advertisement that its manufacturing, automobile company of Bajaj will gradually take a step starting from the 100 bicycles low-margin and of the incursion of DC into the more lucrative and larger segment of motor cycles. The initiates of company claim that the bicycle of avenger of 200 CC Bajaj will certainly be used to increase the pleasure of goes up on the Indian roads. With naming traditional, allowance of the places comfortable and smart looking at devices, this bicycle is placed to encourage you to feel like God.
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