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2011 KTM 125 Duke Gallery - Motorstyle modifications

2011 KTM 125 Duke Gallery

KTM Press release:
2011 is set to become a very special year for young motorcycle enthusiasts. World famous for its fascinating sport bikes, KTM launches its first road-legal 125 – the 125 Duke. Available as of spring 2011, the idea behind the new bike is clear at first sight: true riding fun thanks to fully-fledged motorcycle technology. And at a reasonable price at that! Or: your first fast love. For many years, Austrian maker KTM has been making it a point to offer great sport motorcycles even to the youngest riders. On the off-road scene, it is not the least these extensive efforts to support young racers that helped KTM achieve its current lead. Besides the popular, high quality KTM Minicycles, Motocross and Enduro models, KTM has also initiated numerous motor sports campaigns for the young generation all over the world.
2011 KTM 125 Duke Gallery
 Just like racing itself, passing on that passion for motorbikes to children and adolescents is in the company’s very DNA. Since the 2004 launch of the KTM Super Duke, the brand’s first full-blooded tarmac sports bike, KTM has consistently developed its on-road expertise, making sure that the three letters from Upper Austria are a household name to committed road riders today. From there, it was a logical step to start tackling the development of a road bike for beginning riders. Like no other brand, KTM represents a highly enjoyable riding experience, generated by concepts that always have put a strong focus on the dynamism of each model: light weight by omitting all non-essential parts; precision, achieved by modern designs and the use of only the best quality components; power thanks to strong, lightweight sports engines second to none; a unique style resulting from bold looks and an unmistakeable design philosophy. These very same capabilities and features form the foundation of the 125 Duke. Building on them, and led by the very same engineers that have brought superior sports bikes like the Duke and Superduke to the tarmac, the KTM design centre has now developed the future 125 cc benchmark.
2011 KTM 125 Duke Gallery
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