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Waiting for "Jupiter MX Z

V-Ixion has been launched successfully. For those who already enjoy it, be happy because this motor is indeed powerful. For now there is no bona fide motor-sport official (not the build-up) a sophisticated V-Ixion. Consider just the list of its features are quite long. And fun is because all the sophistication that can be redeemed with money that is relatively not too expensive. Compare it with his old competitor whose price is far above, but what you can? Only old school tech motor (earlier times) with the stamp of famous brands.

For those who are pivot and until now have not got posts V-Ixion, please geregetan waiting. But for the desperate with technologies V-Ixion high but money tight, do not worry! You can buy duck flavor V-Ixion! Weks, what is this?

V-Ixion Yamaha's new bike is phenomenal. But the V-Ixion is nothing new. 200 parts of the V-Ixion is the sharing of parts which can also be found on another Yamaha. Common parts of this strategy is telling strategy in suppressing the production cost of the V-Ixion. Although even so, there are very many V-Ixion the superior technology that does not exist in the Yamaha motorcycle (in Indonesia) earlier. For example: injection, LAS (lean-angle sensor), deltabox, etc..

But this time the focus of my writing while not for V-Ixion, but for Jupiter MX. MX has donated at least some technology to the success of V-Ixion. For information, the base V-Ixion taken from the MX but its capacity is enlarged, from 135 cc to 150 cc. Likewise, the engine cooling system, engine exhaust, and suspension Monoshock.

When compared debt, then the V-Ixion owe a lot of Jupiter MX. The success of V-Ixion more or less has been contributed by Jupiter MX which has successfully passed examinations conducted by the user community for almost 2 years since its first presence in October 2005.

Because the V-Ixion owe on Jupiter MX, it is proper if the later V-Ixion pay it off. How do I? Easy too! Same way as when MX provides the technology, V-Ixion also must give the MX technology. Many V-Ixion technology that can be adopted by the MX, for example: injection system, LAS and delta box chassis, etc.. Weks ... chassis is also given to the MX? Do not be wrong! Suzuki FU150 also use the delta box chassis, even though their dimensions cute.

Well, we can imagine a new generation of Jupiter MX huh? At least the new generation should have a Jupiter MX and air-injection system delta box chassis. Problem full fairing design is okay but its shape is maintained sweetened, for example, by softening the sharp angles and also the use of MX headlights that nemplok in the fairing. Design of the main light this model is being trendy, just look cool lamp Mio Nouvo MX or new. Double lamp is also okay, that the fairing as the main light on the handlebars while functioning as a light gun. Hihihi ... emang want dipake shoot anything, Mas Bro?

Well anyway so deh. New MX should be more sophisticated. The people do not mind if its capacity was increased to 150 cc V-Ixion similar. It even became a plus for MX because of the positioning of his rise to higher levels. Do not be afraid to compete with Suzuki FU, MX yet still hold the reins in the achievement of turnover.

If this means that the new MX Jupiter entitled to the title of "Z" as it had often done when throwing Yamaha product revisions. Remember Scorpio and Nouvo right? Both these motors already have a version of "Z" which is an improvement to previous versions. When did ya get out Jupiter MX Z?

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