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New Engine Honda New Megapro
With a little encouragement, the standard was free! This motorcycle feels light when towed. After the ignition is turned, the tachometer directly lit. Simple machine is turned on with a single kick kick starter lever. After that, the machine which given the label "Extra Responsive Performance", 150cc, 4 stroke and SOHC, immediately greeted the drivers. Muffler sound from light. Smooth engine vibration and no longer mengoyang rearview mirror.

Only three rounds of Pro Mega feel the intimacy with this new. Very short! Yes, not yet satisfied! On the first lap, used to know the path, guided by instructors Honda Safety Riding.

The second lap, played more in the grip of gas to determine the level of excitement this Mega Pro machine. Pretty aggressive! Under a steady pull on the lap, good control. Stability at maneuvering around the corner at a speed of 30-40 km / h - although occasionally be tilted to 45 degrees - including OK!

Unfortunately, the ability to be encouraged out. Cross straight of only about 100 meters. Can only make speeding 75 km / hr.

For suspension, the New Mega Pro uses a single shock absorber Monoshock or behind. Posture motorcycles are higher. Absober steady shock strength for a single rider with a weight of 110 kg.

Shock absorber has two springs, upper and lower adjustable (hard or soft) as required rider and luggage rack. All test sessions completed in 5 minutes.

Brief conclusion, New Mega Pro offers motorcycles with the ability to master both in the city or touring. The price under the old version, makes motorcycle sport Pengemar curious. Primarily, for those who want a stylish balance between touring comfort with street fighter toughness.
New Engine Honda New Megapro Reviewed by Dening Nyess on Rating: 4.5

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