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Before the 2010 MotoGP series rolling, know it is a new participant follow-up register. If you are known by the name of Rizla Suzuki team, now there Rizla Yamaha. Eits .. wait a minute, this new team is only there for the region, Central Java and surrounding areas

Is Handoyo Sutiono which have a tantrum. "The intention would make a racing style to any color choice, eh kepilih have ended up Rizla . Gak anything even though it was originally a Suzuki," said Sin-Sin, calling daily.

Indeed, for the affairs of the body, doi referring to the model mounts the MotoGP riders, especially for matters tail. "The model that pointed to a full square shape is traced from the concept of racing because it's perceived fit with the theme of the beginning was," added the man who is still single.

Behind the sharp-paced form of course also had to be balanced on the other. For example, the front. "The concept also made tapered front and somewhat slightly wider than the original body," added Sin-Sin

As an actual vehicle or for daily use, then of course head lamp is still badly needed. New deh after making the appropriate design, the main lights of the famous Jupiter-Z called the owl was deemed fit to fill this section.

All workmanship is to use fiberglass body. "Let more concept few side fins made to support the racing theme was," said skipper workshops Utomo Motor (UM) on Jl. Maj. Sutoyo, No. 1, Purworejo, Central Java.

But, unfortunately the sort of extra frame in the middle of the pipe 2 inches even so annoying!


Front tire: 90/80-14 FDR
Rear tire: 120/70-14 FDR
Rims: Ride It
Airs next: X Speed
Sok back: YSS
UM: 0852-9285-1111



mio modification
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