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modifikasi suzuki smash 110 gaya retro
Here you are, what you are looking for is now available here, it is the new modification of suzuku smash, the first suzuki smash modification picture in this blog. it so simple no more modification, just paint your suzuki smash to be looked like metalic smash. more over you can add power discbrake and all the engine brushed into metalic style.

Suzuki Smash ChocolateMilk Modification

Chocolate milk, when i watch the color of this suzuki smash motor bike i was remember with the color of chocolate milk that i drunk when i was small. This suzuki smash motor bike is so simple completed with small box in the back of the motor bike, i am so sure this motor bike will be suitable if the owner is some one who sell daily milk home to home.
MODIFICATION SUZUKI SMASH FULL CROME Reviewed by Dening Nyess on Rating: 4.5

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