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Honda Tiger 1997 - Motorstyle modifications

MODIFIKASI Honda Tiger 1997

WJS Flow aka West Java Style is continue to bloom in Central Java lap. Minor modifications fighter who popularized by Agus Djanuar of XK Bike Design has also begun spreading in the city of Bogor's Rain.

Like Honda's Lucky Tiger ZM, through workshops Dave Motor Concept (DMC) in Sawangan, Depok try to offer the concept of minor fighter. "Owners want to show the streetfighter motorcycle elegant not too many corners," said Budi Dave as a modifier.

Hence design of the tank has a dimension that is not too slim. In fact, arguably tend to be somewhat large. With the rear tail model of selfish enough only one passenger. The model is also more rounded tail not much bending

Typical modifications DMC entire body of work relies on 0.8 mm thick galvanized plate. Metal plate is then cut to the mall that was made using cardboard material. Much like a pattern on fabric and then stitched or jointed welding flame.

The process of forming the framework starts from the deltabox. "I deltabox paste in the middle order let the spirit of Tiger streetfihter more obvious," said builder who subscribed contezt down in the event this modif.

Design deltabox follow the contour of the tank. Created from a direct plate affixed to the bottom frame section komstir and Tiger. While deltabox bottom formed over backwards accidentally. The goal let stand Footstep more back, "said Budi.

While the body design is urun consultation between the modifier with the owner of the motor. So, you could say this design is not affected from the existing motor. "We made sketches of his wrote. The important body so it looks simple and fit the bike," said Budi.

Design of the rear body was shaped like a typical streetfighter. Frame sub frame built bike as a crutch standard seat must be removed until the base of the middle frame. Instead of relying on a new pipe made tubular pipe. "The length is only half the rear tires. So the rear body is made single sitter," explained Budi again.

Sector legs are so reliable. For that, throughout this section are reliably removable moge waste from older model Honda CBR400. Starting from the suspension, complete with pretentious front triangle and the rim.

Hence quasi-telescopic front still has not selected models upside down. Suitable same taste Lucky who really want to look stylish range made by moge naked 80's era.

It also affects the selection of the rear swing arm. Deliberately allowed to remain stuck in the frame. This is still the original Tiger. Has not made a condom which has a design like the current swing arm moge. "But, really fit the motor so it looks more frightening," said the curly-haired builder who only add sepatbor on arm swing.

Once installed fairing, the view is now indeed become more muscular. Though the application was just cover the bottom of the machine. Sweet coupled with a radiator that only serves as a patch. "No function is, just limited to aesthetics. Also let the center become more muscular," explained the father of this Dave.

Design head lamp headlamp removable rely moge variation. Let me look so much more sweet, just as an accent lamp cover. Not allowed to cover all parts of the lamp. "The model is designed as windshiled. Let more frightening anymore, taped six bolts L as a detail," proud builder of this slender.


Front tire: 120/70-17 Metzeler
Rear tire: Battlax 160/55-17
Monosok: Honda CBR400
Swng-arm: Honda CBR400
Handlebars: Fatbar
DMC: (021) 68447990

Honda Tiger

Honda Tiger

Honda Tiger
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