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Honda CS - Motorstyle modifications

 Honda CS1
Honda  CS - Motorstyle modifications

In addition to presenting "clothes" for Honda's new Blade, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) also presents CS1 with new faces.

The presence of this brand-new Honda CS1 is believed to further strengthen the market penetration of AHM in motor sport in the country. "Indonesian motorcycle market is rapidly growing and diverse consumer demand makes AHM make refreshment of the look Honda CS1", Tulsi official statement received AHM Legal, Friday (15/10/2010).

Honda CS1 comes with a unique character because it was developed by combining the convenience of motor duck and sporty elements such as good acceleration and display of motor sport.

Upright machine with a capacity of 125 cc plus 5 manual transmission makes this motor provides power and speed of the best in its class. Moreover, this motor is also equipped with a liquid cooled engine which makes not easy to heat.

The existence of shock absorber Monoshock system make Honda CS1 comfortable and easy when used to maneuver, let alone supported by a brake disc braking system on the front and rear. Another feature that makes Honda CS1 speedometer superior is an easy read because it has implemented a fully digital system.

Currently, AHM provides a new look at the CS1 to the concept of two tone body color. The interface is strengthened with new stripping design a more sharp and expressive, so strengthening the sporty character of this model. Honda CS1 comes with 3 new color options: Black Stallion (Black), Colt Red (Red-Black), and Mustang Silver (Violet-Silver).

Honda CS1 marketed at a price Rp17.1 million on the road in Jakarta with the main target boys and young men aged 20-25 years, students, and novice workers, active, trendy, stylish and always want to look stylish.
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