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Introducing Kawasaki KX250F Trail in JMCS 2010

PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (PT KMI) is planning to introduce Kawasaki KX250F dirt bike new generation in carpet Jakarta Motorcycle Show (JMCS) which lasts 3 to 7 November. For lovers of motocross motor sport that cost Rp 70 million.

"The market is off-road motorcycles in the country are quite promising. So we felt it did not hurt that segment of the market working," I Freddyanto Basuki, Manager of Marketing & Research Development PT KMI on the sidelines of a press conference JMCS implementation plan in Jakarta on Tuesday (28 / 9).

Kawasaki KX250F launched in the UK on 26 May. One of the latest features of the brand-new motor is a suspension system that uses a Separate Function Fork (SFF) is a front fork that has two functions.

On the one hand, has a spring function when the motor bulldoze tracks with a large diameter hole or up and down the street. On the other hand, the fork also has the function of reducing vibration.

In other words, this fork has two functions contained in each tube and can be arranged. The left fork has a compression spring for adjusting the level of shock. While the right tube allows the rider to adjust the level of spring according to the path traversed.

"SFF improve performance, mitigate heavy burden that must be supported by a fork, and to produce stiction 25 percent lower than normal fork," said a press release as quoted Kawasaki.

KX250F maintain the piston is used on older generations. However, the fuel injection system using new technology. Newer models that still carry the 249cc DOHC engine with Digital Fuel Injection (DFI).

"The addition of fuel injection into the KX250F, not only increase the class but also jack up the motor is higher engine performance," said Michael Johnstone Sales and Marketing Manager of Kawasaki UK.

However, whether the KX250F will be brought to Indonesia that it has excellent features such as the one in England? Freddy is still reluctant to explain it. He only asks to see it in JMCS which was held at the Jakarta Convention Center on November 3 to 7 next.
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