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Yamaha YZF-R1 LE | Motorstyle modifications

After Valentino Rossi clinched his MotoGP world for the seventh time in the race at Sepang Circuit last week, certainly a lot of motor sport enthusiasts who want to look like a motorcycle owned by The Doctor.

But for those who have more funds need not modify their motorcycles to match Yamaha's penggeber numbered 46, because they could be ordered directly YZF-R1 LE.

However, this limited edition motorcycle was not entirely the same as Rossi ride that took him into the most prestigious motor racing champion in the world. The reason, YZF-R1 LE is not a motor racing, but the motor for the highway, so some devices adapted for use on the highway, such as mirror, Sein lights, headlights and rear lights.Yamaha YZF-R1 LE

Also the tank is not blue berkelir motor

really looks like Rossi's, because the bottom of gas tank that intersect with the delta there is a kind of protective plastic box black.

Similarly, the muffler. If Rossi's exhaust gases There is only one which is hidden behind the seat. While the YZ-F R1 LE has two triangular exhaust that is placed on the side under the seat. In order not to exhaust the heat on the pillion, Yamaha provide security in the form of insulating plastic that was wrapped in black.

Do not be disappointed once, because it looked from the front or side, tongkrongan is not much different motor racing driver with the birth of Urbino, Italy, that. Especially the design and style fairingnya. Fiat's name clearly printed on it, also sponsors the Fiat Yamaha team, namely Petronas, also displayed at the bottom of the fairing.

Besides style, other similar technology on this bike course, referring to Rossi's motorcycle. So, if menggeber YZF-R1 LE it feels just like riding a bike numbered 46 which was phenomenal. If it were so what are you waiting. Come Geber transmit six motor 1.000cc this acceleration on the highway, certainly a lot of eyes will glance at your ride.
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