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Honda launch new hybrid car-style sporty CR-Z, Thursday, February 25, 2010. Second-best automotive companies in Japan also pledged to continue emphasis on product quality in the midst of crisis facing his main rival, Toyota.
Honda two-door car it hopes will be popular young people who wanted to driving a car "green" by staying trendy. CR-Z will go on sale in Japan on Friday by tomorrow, and in the United States and Europe by mid year.
'Product quality is very important to us,' said Honda CEO, Takanobu Ito, a press conference.

Honda CR-Z
He refused to comment on problems experienced by Toyota Motor Corp.. Toyota President is facing the U.S. Congress yesterday in Washington to answer various questions related to the withdrawal of a mass of about 8.5 million vehicles in various countries.

Price honda CRZ in Japan is relatively affordable price of 2.27 million yen (approximately USD 230 million) for the regular model and 2.5 million yen (USD 260 million) for top-end model. Prices in other countries has not been crz interior
Honda CR-Z could be headed 25 kilometers for every liter of fuel, less than 30 kilometers per liter cars Insight, which was launched last year. When Toyota launched the Prius hybrid car capable of dominating the market.
honda crzhonda CRZ is following the model of the hybrid Honda Insight and the four car versions of fuel-gas-electric Civic and Accord. (AP)
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